ECO – salvation from infertility


The use of donor egg is the most popular and most effective method of treating infertility in women. It allows the patient to experience all the pleasures of motherhood. If the patient does not ovulate during ovarian stimulation, she is recommended to resort to IVF. It is this method that is associated with the fertilization of a donor egg cell.

This procedure is performed under the following conditions

  • The donor and the recipient sign a contract before the procedure begins.
  • The egg donor must undergo several special tests that will confirm the absence of infection in the woman’s body. Also, a detailed analysis of genetic diseases is done to rule out diseases of the future child.
  • The patient prior to egg donation undergoes medication, which prepares her body to accept and bear an embryo.
  • Donor eggs are extracted from the ovary in the laboratory using special equipment, and then fertilized with sperm. The sperm of the future father or partner of the patient is used.
  • Embryos develop in a test tube. It takes three days. Then they are placed in the uterus of the future mother.

(Introcytoplasmicperminjection – ICSI) ICSI is the name given to the action when a sperm cell enters an egg. The method is carried out with high-precision equipment and involves active medical support. Previously, the patient went through a stimulative administration of medical drugs. The method is possible even in the absence of spermatozoa in the ejaculate: the main carriers of the future child are simply removed from the testicular appendage directly.

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Most often, it is IVF with ICSI is the only effective method for conceiving a child with a man suffering from infertility.

Steps of the ICSI procedure

  • The oocyte is held with a doctor’s pipette.
  • The most active sperm is selected, then it is caught in a thin needle.
  • The shell of the egg is pierced, the needle with the immobilized sperm is inserted and the organism is released
  • The sperm penetrates and is held by the cytoplasm, the needle is removed.

he ICSI method gives a higher probability of a positive outcome of the procedure than just IVF. The ICSI method is used by couples where the probability of a man fertilizing an egg is very low and the woman has high quality eggs. Another prerequisite for ICSI is a woman’s ability to carry a pregnancy to term. When using the ICSI method to have a healthy baby, genetic diseases of the man must be considered.

IVF and ICSI methods do not produce a baby with malformations. The percentage of babies born with malformations does not differ from babies born with standard conception.

What does sperm donation mean?

ICSI is a good treatment for male infertility because it allows an egg to be fertilized, even if the man has poor sperm quality. Previously, donor sperm was used in such cases, but now insemination with donor sperm has been found to solve the problem.

How does the procedure go?

  • Donor sperm is frozen and tested for infectious diseases before being frozen. After six months of storage, it is examined again.
  • The donor is chosen so that he fits in terms of appearance. The donor determines what eye color, hair color, and even weight the newborn baby will have.
  • Frozen sperm is brought to the clinic in a container, and then it is used to conceive.
  • The woman reaches the moment of ovulation, then comes to the medical facility.
  • Using a catheter, a sperm fraction is delivered to the patient’s egg.