Famous and Most Relished Sweet Dishes of India


“Desserts make us go weak in the knees.” Every Indian sworn by this. Indians possess a penchant for sweets and delicacies. After every meal, Indians want a piece of sweet dish. Surprisingly, there are many varieties to feed the soul of every Indian. Each Indian state has its own speciality that is worth every calorie and guilt—sharing with you the famous sweet dishes of India. 

  1. Gulab Jamun: Starting with this because it’s winters and hot Gulab Jamuns are like a comforting blanket to the soul. Gulab Jamuns are made of khoya, golden fried and dipped in saffron-sugar syrup. Gulab Jamuns are further garnished with almond or Pistachio shreds for a dose of extra deliciousness.
  2. Gajar Ka Halwa: The winter breeze carries the warmth and sweetness of Gajar ka Halwa. The winter delicacy that is relished in every Indian household. It’s a nutrient rich sweet dish as well because the main ingredient is red grated carrots and dry fruits. 
  3. Sandesh: Specialty of Bengal–Sandesh. Every nook and corner of Bengal is filled with the richness of Sandesh. Nowadays, Sandesh is available in different flavours and varieties. Though, the traditional one is made of cottage cheese, cardamom and saffron. Sandesh is light in sugar; hence the best option for those who are not born with sweet teeth or prefer light sweetness. 
  4. Modak: Indian festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is always incomplete without modaks. Modaks are dumplings with mawa stuffing inside. Mostly jaggery, saffron, and nutmeg are used to make the mawa. Some add dry fruits as well. The melt in mouth modaks are becoming the mainstay of many households. 
  5. Aam Shrikhand: From the land of Gujarat comes the tangy, fruity, and sweet Aam shrikhand. It is made with hung curd that is mildly sweet and stirred with mango puree, mango zest and pieces—saffron for garnishing and addition flavour. 
  6. Payasam: The South Indian version of Kheer is known as Payasam. It is creamy and delicious to eat. A lot of dry-fruits and raisins are included. As it is made of rice, it is a healthy choice to devour. 
  7. Shashi Tukda: It’s the Mughal cuisine dating back to the 19th century. The sweetest way to use unused bread pieces. Bread pieces are deep fried and soaked in milk-honey syrup, garnished with almonds and Pistachios. Saffron is also used in the recipe. 
  8. Phirni: It’s a festive sweet dish. Phirni is eaten on Eid and Ramadan. It’s a milk pudding made with rice powder. Nowadays, flavourful phirni like paan, rose, mango phirni are available to be eaten. Almonds and Pistachios along with rose petals, mango pieces, and vark is used for garnishing. 
  9. Kulfi: Though a summer dessert, but even in winters, it’s yummy and gives you a chilling experience. It’s a dense and creamy frozen treat flavored sinfully with saffron, cardamom, almonds, and pistachios. Rose and paan kulfis are quite popular among other varieties. 
  10. Puran Poli: A Maharashtrian staple dessert made and savoured across festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi and others. Puran Poli is a flat bread filled with sugary lentil filling. Chana dal is the lentil used to make the filling. Puran is the filling and Poli is the bread. 
  11. Cakes and Pastries: Traditionally, Mawa is an Indian origin cake. However, other cakes and pastries varieties are liked by Indians such as chocolate, black forest, butterscotch, and many more. Across birthdays and anniversaries; these are highly popular. So, avail cake delivery in Hyderabad or wherever you reside off the cake you want to relish. 

Make every meal and festival of yours sweetly delicious with these sweet delicacies. There are many more to eat, so keep exploring your options.