Hearing Examinations 101: What Happens During An Online Hearing Test


Did you know that almost 360,000 citizens are affected by hearing loss in Singapore? The hearing condition is bound to happen to elders because ageing is one of the primary causes of hearing loss.

However, keep in mind that it can happen to people of any age. You may suffer from hearing impairment if left untaken care of, which leads to permanent hearing loss. Consult an audiologist in Singapore once in a while to check your hearing or take an online hearing test.


  1. Look for a place in your home where it’s noise-free.
  2. Select your preferred device – system speakers, headphones, or earphones. You may utilise any of the devices. But if you want more accurate results, choose headphones.
  3. Calibrate your sound system and adjust it to your comfort.
  4. Search for websites with a hearing test in Singapore. Look for credible sources, such as websites of an audiology company.
  5. Sign up for the online hearing test and start it any time you’re ready.


  1. Some online hearing tests last for five minutes. Those with extensive hearing assessment take 15-20 minutes as it takes an initial exam and an audiologist interview.
  2. You will hear different noises, such as words, numbers, background noises, tones, etc.
  3. Some online hearing tests have the participation of an audiologist in Singapore. The audiologist will ask you several questions. For instance, are you stressed? Are you exposed to loud noises at work or home?
  4. Through an audiogram, you will be able to see your results. You can receive a copy in your email, or the audiologist can interpret their evaluation. They will also identify if you’ll need hearing aid accessories.

Taking a hearing test in Singapore is significant. It may prevent hearing impairment and discover early symptoms. These online and onsite hearing tests can help treat these underlying issues as early as possible.

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