Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine 101 | What Do You Need to Know?


Have you ever thought about buying a soft-serve ice cream machine for your restaurant in Singapore? If yes, then for sure, you are wondering what your options are. Well, to give you a hand, let this article enlighten you what you need to know. That way, you would be able to buy the right equipment for your ice cream parlour.

What Must You Know About Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine?

Types of Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

●      Water Cooled vs Air Cooled

Compared to water-cooled soft-serve ice cream, you can use air-cooled ones anywhere since it does not need water hook up. Plus, you can use it in an air conditioning room. However, water-cooled ones can cool and freeze the ice cream quicker.

●      Gravity vs Pressure-Fed

  • Gravity soft-serve machines use nature to pull the mixture down to the freezing cylinder. While the pressure-fed, uses the air pump to transfer it to the container, so it freezes.

Necessary Features & Options

●      TouchPad LED Screen

  • You can usually see this feature on newer models. This feature allows you to see and set the temperature the machine should have. Once you enable this function, it would automatically adjust accordingly to what the ice cream needed.

●      Low Mix Alarm

  • This feature acts as a safety mechanism that prevents the compressor from burning out. Once you turn on the machine and set it to make ice cream, it will notify you when it finishes. In case you are unable to hear anything, it would keep the ice cream from freezing and keep mixing at a slow pace.

Energy Efficient

It sure does since it can keep the ice cream cold and frozen while not using so much energy. With that, you can use the soft-serve machine day and night in Singapore,and still expect a minimal effect on your utility bill. Just make sure the equipment you bought has an energy star seal or logo around it.

Different Sizes

Ice cream is indeed the ultimate dessert that you can eat. Not only is it refreshing, but you can have it anywhere. That is very much true since most establishments offer soft-serve ice cream as their dessert.  However, which sizes would you like to get for your business?

Listed below are the two different sizes a soft-serve ice cream machine has.

●      Countertop

  • Even though this one is smaller in size, you can make several batches of soft-serve ice cream in a short time. This size is what most fast-food chains typically use.

●      Floor Model

  • This one is a lot bigger than the countertop. Sometimes, it can be as tall as the average human height. Because of its large frame, you can make a larger volume of soft-serve ice cream in under a minute. That is the only reason why buffet and sundae bars prefer having this since they ask their customers to self-serve their ice cream.

Energy Source

The voltage that a soft-serve ice cream machine can use depends on its size. For a smaller one, it only uses 115 volts. While for a larger unit, it uses between 210 to 230 volts. In short, this equipment only uses a small amount of electricity. That way, commercial spaces can use it all the time. The same goes for the commercial oven in Singapore.

Temperature Range

Since it is a machine that produces soft-serve ice cream, it is naturally cold inside. As for its temperature, it is usually between 18 Fahrenheit and 19 Fahrenheit. Furthermore, some models offer night or sleep mode. It can help you conserve energy when you are not using it. Also, in this mode, you can defrost the excess ice cream inside when you are about to clean it.


A soft-serve ice cream machine is susceptible to coliform bacteria since it uses dairy products as its main ingredient. As the bacteria multiply, it produces more toxin. When that happens, the soft-serve ice cream your machine generates could make you ill. So, be sure to keep it clean and sanitise at all times. That way, no such things could happen.

Listed below are the two types of cleaning maintenance.

●      Manual Cleaning Process

  • To proceed in this method, you would need to get a washout kit. That way, you will be at ease when cleaning the soft-serve ice cream machine.
  • This washout kit usually has faucet hookups that allow you to run water right into the hopper. As a result, your staff would not have time to clean it inside out.

●      Auto-Cleaning Mode

  • On the other hand, there are soft-serve machines in Singapore that have this feature. It allows you to clean it inside out without doing so much. All you need to do is push the button and let it flush and clean it thoroughly. However, some models need to be disassembled from time to time.


You probably saw NSF and UL when you bought your commercial oven in Singapore, but those two are not just stickers. These two are certified that the machine has met the health and safety standard. In short, it is safe to use in any commercial establishment. Therefore, make sure your soft-serve ice cream machine has these two logos when you buy one.

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Hopefully, this article has helped you understand everything about soft-serve ice cream machines. Also, learn about what you need to do to keep it in top shape. However, if you still have questions that you have in mind, never keep it all bottled up. It would be best to ask a soft-serve machine supplier in Singapore rather than searching for answers on the internet. Well, to give you a hand, call Simplex. They are a soft-serve machine supplier that is always here ready to answer your questions. So, do not hesitate and drop off your concern through their website.