What Parents Could Expect from International Schools in Singapore?


Moving to another country is like a reset to life. It may be an exciting time for a family’s life because they may be reunited with a member who has been working for them away from home, or it may be because of the COVID-19 crisis. Either way, it is a daunting step so you must be prepared for whatever challenge may come your way. You will be living in a new home with unfamiliar neighbours, a new job, and a new school for your children. Finding a school where you are assured that your child gets the quality education that they need can get quite stressful. You may become overwhelmed because of the many available institutions in your new city. Nonetheless, sending them to the top international schools in Singapore is always the key to these types of situations.

For many families, opting for an international school gives them peace of mind since they know that the standard is a bit higher than the local schools. It is because they follow a different curriculum and global standard. If this sounds appealing to you, this article will help you know what you could expect from an international school in Singapore, specifically Indian schools!

How to Find an Excellent Indian School in Singapore

The first step is to find all the international schools in your new city. To help you find the best one out there that parents recommend, you should:

  • Ask fellow parents in your neighbourhood

It is never too rude to engage in small talks with your neighbour, especially if you have just moved in. Good neighbours would be the one to approach you, and this is a perfect opportunity to ask for recommendations about ‌Indian international schools in Singapore!

  • Explore the internet

When you search for “international schools near me,” you will see plenty of reputable schools! You must have patience when you explore all these schools and list down the ones that you like.

  • Join online parent forums

As long as you join in a safe forum discussion, such as Reddit or Quora, you would receive legitimate answers from real people in your area or have lived in your city. They will suggest some international schools that have a good reputation!

Looking through your list of discovered schools, you must consider the following:

  • Distance between your home and institution
  • Mode of transportation available to get there
  • The grade levels that they teach
  • Their reputation in the academic world
  • Achievements and recognitions
  • Language courses that they offer

Each of these factors will play an important role in how your child will like their new school. Getting word or reviews from past and current students in these schools could also help you in narrowing it down, and choosing the ones that are suitable for your children.

What You Can Expect in an Indian International School?

Visiting a chosen international school for your child is an essential part of the process. Here, you will get the opportunity to ask more questions about the school that is not stated on their website. However, due to the pandemic brought by COVID-19, you may not be able to visit the institution. What you can do is contact them on their website to schedule a meeting.

Indian schools in Singapore has its standard, here you will find what you could expect from their level of standard in educating their students:

Multicultural education

International schools cater to many students from different communities. It will give your children the chance to meet others from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds that would help them expand their awareness!

Assist in adapting to the new community

Some children are naturally adaptable and tend to make friends easily. If you are worried about them making friends in a new school, trust that the way the international schools ensure that every student has the opportunity to interact with their fellow students. Thus, your child would not get left behind.

Trained and experienced teachers

The quality of teaching is high in Indian international schools. It is because the competitive salaries for teachers attract quality teachers. They are trained and have experience in teaching a mixed bunch of students from different communities!

You are engaged in the learning process of your child

Since the first school of every child is their home, you would want your children to maintain the values that they have learned from you. International schools welcome the active involvement of you, as parents, in the learning development of your child. Even with this pandemic, trust that they can deliver the forums for the parents.

Great opportunities

If your child likes to engage in extracurricular activities, such as sports or music, international schools allow your child’s talent to flourish! They will have facilities that could help enhance the talents of your child and discover new ones along the way.

A brighter future

With the global curriculum set by top Indian international schools in Singapore, your child would be looking forward to a bright future. The school’s reputation will let foreign schools know that your child has exceptional qualities that make them worthy of a spot in their chosen university in the future!

Enrolling at NPS International School

At NPS International School, your child would receive an international baccalaureate diploma that would prove that they have received quality education! The appointed teachers here meet the outstanding qualities that are expected from an international school. More than that, they aim to empower every young mind that comes for them under their care.

If you want to know more about who they are and what they can do, you should visit their website!