What Parents Need To Know About English Classes


English is a universal language because many people understand it. One feature would be its use for various purposes. You encounter schools using this language as the medium of instruction. Businesses also communicate in this to make transactions across the world. It is why parents make an effort to enrol their kids in online English tuition in Singapore. Learning this language goes beyond the act of communication – but also the academic and professional growth of a child.

The goal of most parents is the academic and personal success of their children through an effective learning system. Attending an extracurricular English and phonics class in Singapore is one avenue to hone their skills.

Here is a comprehensive guide for parents to further expand their knowledge about English classes. Let us also explore a list of essentials to make your child’s learning experience more effective. 


In Singapore, English is one of the main languages. People also make an effort to sharpen their English fluency because the world is more interconnected than ever. Another reason would be the academic competition in the country, where students aim to succeed in an English oral exam. 

Because of this, parents enrol their children in an English oral communication class. These classes happen outside school hours or during the weekend. Another feature is how they improve the learning of a student. Online English tuition in Singapore contributes to the overall growth of the student. Here are the characteristics of such classes: 


Expert Tutors 

While school teachers are also effective, professional tutors specialise in a particular subject and utilise a different teaching style. They also demonstrate expertise as every educator should. If the tutor teaches English, expect them to be well-versed when teaching. An English oral communication classprovider only hires expert educators. 

Effective Materials 

The problem with schools is they use generalistic materials made for everyone. In an English and phonics class in Singapore, the tutors use specialised materials focusing on the subject. Sometimes, they even use interactive materials – videos and movies – to spark the children’s imaginations.

Holistic Learning Experience 

Learning goes beyond the comprehension of concepts and knowledge. In real life, people need to accomplish various responsibilities. An English oral communication class offers a holistic learning experience because it also tackles emotional and social growth. They do not only learn how to communicate but also apply it to real-life situations. 

Sufficient Attention

One challenge students experience inside the classroom is the lack of supervision. While it is not the teacher’s fault, this issue can be bothersome to children and their parents. Online English tuition in Singapore fares better in this aspect because tutors supervise the students. They make sure to cater to everyone’s needs. 

Engaging Experience 

Parents usually complain about their children’s absence of motivation and energy. Another would be their study habit – or lack thereof. One selling point of an oral communication class is their engaging learning experience. Given the low number of students and sufficient supervision, students can interact with their classmates and teacher. 

Those are the selling points and advantages of enrolling your child in an English and phonics class in Singapore. They experience an effective learning style that contributes to their overall growth and development. As parents, make an effort to give your child the best education. Let us now explore what you need to purchase to make things more exciting for them. 


An oral communication class requires various materials to aid the learning experience. With this, make sure to purchase everything your child needs. Also, you focus on their mental and physical health to avoid burnout. Overall, supervise your child and be supportive during the entire process. Here are some essentials you need: 


A Good Study Space 

The first thing to prepare is an optimal study area for the online English tuition in Singapore. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, kids cannot attend physical classes: Curate a learning space for your child. First, purchase a sturdy desk and a comfortable chair for long hours of distance learning. Also, focus on the lighting and ventilation for comfort – especially when your child gets cranky during classes.

Set Of Gadgets 

In distance learning, every student needs a good set of gadgets for their online oral communication class. Get a computer that can handle their daily activities – such as video conferencing and media streaming. Another would be a tablet to play games during their spare time. Teach your child how to use them to prevent damage and accidents. (Tip: practise responsible usage because gadgets can cause health issues for kids.)

Necessary Learning Materials 

Aside from the prescribed materials, you can always purchase supplementary learning modules. Since some books might be too dull for the child, you can buy visually-appealing media or colouring books for a more exciting experience. It is also a fun way of reviewing for their upcoming oral exam. Overall, ask your child about their needs and let them pick items. 

Toys For Learning

A parent might disagree with this, but achieving academic success is about the right balance between study and playtime. Attending online English tuition in Singapore can bore the child during their spare time. One way to minimise this challenge is by allowing them to play. Get toys – such as puzzles and mind exercising games – to let them have fun while learning. 

Journal Notebook

This item is for the parents. While the tutor from your child’s oral communication class does everything, it would not hurt to do your part. As a parent, it is necessary to supervise them throughout the journey. You can list updates and keep a journal to track your child’s progress. The tutor can also use this to examine their habits outside school hours. 

That is how parents contribute to their child’s learning experience. Give Writers Studio a call to learn more about their online English tuition in Singapore.