Workout Outside the Gym: is it possible or not? Look like athletes combine workouts and HGH


Training a body at home is considered by many to be impossible, but it’s

  • No need to pay for visiting the section and the gym;
  • Independent selection of training time and selection of exercises;
  • You do not receive blows that may negatively affect your health in the future.
  • Without a Growth Hormone by, reaching a decent level will be difficult. You can cooperate with one of your friends or work only on shells.

Training a fighter at home. What does it look like?

The training is divided into the following components:

  1. Work with shells;
  2. The development of power indicators;
  3. The development of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems;
  4. Technical training.

Work with shells

For full training you need to purchase:

  • Punching bag;
  • Shell gloves;
  • Dumbbells weighing 1-1.5 kg.
  • These are required accessories. If funds allow, supplement training with the following simulators:
  • Punching bag;
  • Boxing bandages;
  • Weights;
  • Boxing paws;
  • These accessories are useful not only when working with shells, but also in other parts of the training process.
  • Work with shells is the basis of training at home. Thanks to working with shells, all the basic skills of a fighter are gained.
  • Power training

For strength training, you must purchase:

The horizontal bar is a must. You can engage in the street if you do not want to spend money on a simulator.

  • Collapsible dumbbells – to increase the effectiveness of training. You can do without them, but the efficiency of strength training will decrease.
  • A bar, an expander, rubber loops, a belt for securing weight and pancakes to create additional weights when working on horizontal bars and bars are also useful to you.
  • Use only the most effective exercises:
  • Pullups – for pumping the back, biceps, deltas and forearms;
  • Push-ups on the uneven bars – training of the pectoral muscles, front deltas and triceps;
  • Squats (with dumbbells, an expander) – for pumping all the muscles of the lower body;
  • Raising legs in the hang – to pump the press.
  • And other exercises that can be read about here.
  • When building a training program, use the principles that are described here.
  • Aerobic training
  • Aerobic martial arts training is:
  • Run;
  • Jumping rope.

Aerobic training is needed to develop functional and improve health. The cardiovascular system of most beginners is in a deplorable state, which can play a cruel joke during intense training of a fighter. Muscle mass increased, a person’s life was supplemented by intensive training, and the capabilities of the cardiovascular system remained at the same level. Low-intensity aerobic exercise increases the capabilities of the cardiovascular system, which facilitates training and prolongs the athlete’s life.

Increased impact efficiency

  • A thin athlete who knows how to properly invest in a punch will easily “put” a massive bodybuilder without any idea of ??the technique of punches in martial arts.
  • Training a fighter at home and outdoors involves the use of:
  • With Makivara, you can train both at home and on the street.
  • Hammers and tires. For street training.
  • Read more about how your workouts will look in the sections:
  • Programs for martial arts;
  • Martial arts training;

Training fighter at home and on the street. Recommendations

Health is one of the main indicators that determines the winner of a fight. Adjust your lifestyle, include healthy foods in your diet, and study healthy diets.

To include training in the category of habit, you need to find motivation. The device of a person’s motivational system can be understood using the Motivation section.

Learn hormonal topics. To understand the structure of the human hormonal system is necessary not only to increase the effectiveness of training, but also to increase the likelihood of victory in a possible battle.

Psychological preparation will help to tune in to training.