Details to know about 2023 Ford Fusion Active


If you are a car enthusiast looking to buy a vehicle in 2023, the upcoming Ford Fusion Active is an excellent option to consider. From its price, mileage, connectivity, and infotainment to interior, looks, engine, and performance, there’s a lot to know about this beast before you book yours.

To get your hands on the 2023 Ford Fusion Active, pay a quick visit to Show Low Ford dealer and book yours today. If you’re looking for more information on this star vehicle and want to learn everything there is to know about it, you’re at the right place. We have compiled all relevant information about this car from Ford so that a quick glance can resolve all your queries.

What to expect in the 2023 Ford Fusion Active?

Ford’s Sedan sales have been taking a nosedive for quite some time while the company’s SUV sales have been topping charts. In an attempt to synthesize these two vehicle lines, Ford has brought forth the Fusion Active station wagon. This car has all-wheel drive, a raised height, and plastic body cladding. It is also expected to have a hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrain for buyers to pick according to their preferences.

Performance, Engine, and Transformation

The Ford Fusion Active is supposed to be released in the US in February of 2923. Till then, we do not have any concrete information on what the car’s engine, transmission, or performance would be like. But as far as we can speculate, the car will offer all-wheel drive. The wagon might also offer a hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrain.

This would imply that the car would have a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, pairing the two motors. As far as the transmission is concerned, the Fusion Active has a strong chance of inheriting the Escape’s 250 hp turbocharged, gas-only 2-liter four-cylinder and eight-speed automatic transmission. It is difficult to predict anything about the vehicle’s performance until we get our hands on the wheel.

Comfort, Interior, and Infotainment

The details of this new car’s interior space, comfort, and cargo are still complete mysteries to us as the company is yet to release any concrete information. However, we can assume that the car’s interior design would resemble the Explorer and Mustang Mach-E.

The vehicle is likely to come with a wide range of interior design options and upgrades to choose from, starting from a bare essentials one to one with leather seats and touch screen technology. The car is anticipated to have upgraded audio systems with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Wi-Fi and hotspot technology. Automatic emergency brakes, lane maintenance assistance, and blind spot monitoring are some safety features expected in this car.


We can estimate the price of the car will range between $29, 000 and $40,000. Compared to competitors of similar ranges like the Volvo V60 and the Buick Regal Tourx, this price is significantly lower. Book your Fusion Active from Show Low Area Ford dealer today to get the best deals and offers.

This is an overall guide to understanding the features of the Ford Fusion Active. The car is yet to be launched. The onus of finally choosing the car remains on the customer, and their individual preferences should be taken into account while making the decision.